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WaRCon for BF3 is no longer being developed, but please report if the online service no longer works after being moved around to make room for the BF4 version

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WaRCon is a BF3 server admin tool made specifically for the competitive scene, ie. to ease the handling of matches and warservers in general. It is not meant for running a public server, use ProCon etc. for that.
It is meant to be almost entirely ingame controlled through ingame chat commands.

Features includes:


2.1.6 (13.04.13)

Support for Endgame maps and game modes
Fixed a rare connectivity related crash

2.1.5 (09.12.12)

Support for Aftermath maps and game modes

2.1.4 (14.09.12)

Support for Armored Kill maps and game modes ("Tank Superiority")

2.1.3 (14.06.12)

Support for Close Quarters maps and game modes ("domination", "gun master", "tdm close quarters", "squad deathmatch")
PremiumStatus and AggressiveJoin server settings added.
As server changed adminlist to reserved slot list, warcon will now (per default) use the reserved slot list as admins (instead of the old gameAdmin list) - disable in the 'advanced' tab if you don't want you vips to be admins.

2.1.2 (30.03.12)

Support for new patch's internal B2K mode names
Human mode names for conquest assault have been changed to Assault, Assault2, Assault64
Support for the new RoundLockdownCountdown server setting (old startup equals 30s and is set for all rules set)
Time limited rounds now actually ends the round (server R20 feature)
!yell command, and yelling instead of chatting various stuff (R20 feature)
!swapall changed to use the same code as when !golive
!rules 1v1 set - usual hardware mode settings, but with fast vehicle spawn

2.1.1 (25.03.12)

!roundtime - time limit support (without the needed support from the game/protocol to make it real, but seems usable anyway).
eslnordic5v5 rule set added.
Default game mode is now conquest small (easing the switch back from B2K assault maps).
Improved exception handling / logging of errors

2.1.0 (21.01.12)

Added command line option: -nowindow (won't open a window, but will autoconnect to the last selected server, output to the console and stop on ctrl-c)
Fixed/Improved team swapping at !golive in case of only a few free slots (still not serverside possible to swap between full teams)
Updated ESL 5v5 rules (3dspotting=on)

2.0.9 (2.1.12)

Updated Clanbase 8v8 rules (forced tickets 250)
Fixed a bug regarding Conquest2 (/Conquest Assault) mode with !golive with forced tickets
Minor player tracking update

2.0.8 (19.12.11)

Fixed support for Conquest2 (/Conquest Assault) mode with !golive (just a small bugfix for the esl b2k cup)

2.0.7 (13.12.11)

Support for Back2Karkand maps and modes
Support for server's built in gameAdmin list as ingame admins (ie use gameAdmin.add and gameAdmin.save in startup.txt and then those people will be admins in everyones WaRCon). Can be turned off in advanced tab.
Support for the new UnlockMode server setting (and set to All in the league rules for now)
Improved (but not perfect) player/revive tracking.

2.0.5 (25.11.11)

Added predefined rules for clanbase, esl and bf3l - use !rules to set all the settings.
Minor adjustments to settings etc for R9 server - still no time limit or unlock control possible.
Fixed a (potential) crash bug during initial setup
Some improvements to the online live/result pages
Note: Server no longer sends spawn events at revives, so revive detection is broken and also the death count in logs etc can be too high. Changed a few things to help on this, but basicly we can't know about revives at the moment.

2.0.4 (10.11.11)

Fixed !tickets for other game modes than Conquest
Added !j <squadid> command for easy squad changing (for everyone, not just admins)

2.0.3 (06.11.11)

Added GameModeCounter server setting (ticket ratio)
Support for !tickets is back, but note that not all values are possible...
More options in the playerlist context menu
Improved the !pbss command
Fixed unamed player bug in playerlist
Fixed online logging bug
Added note about RoundRestartPlayerCount influencing RoundStartPlayerCount and a workaround to make sure they are set in the right order.
Modified the swapping of players when going live - should work better now

2.0.2 (02.11.11)

Match running (!golive logname)
Online logging
Improved playerlist

2.0.1 (30.10.11)

All current BF3 server settings
Reworked maplist handling (just use !mode and !change)
Proper name matching for maps, modes and players (kick)
Support for multiple servers (same config)
Match handling, kit restrictions, online service and predefined rules are currently disabled while waiting for things to happen.

Older releases at the Bad Company 2 version page