Ingame Commands

(A few harmless commands can be used by everyone, not just admins: !help, !version, !showrules, !pbmyguid, !time )


Shows list of commands

Shows current WarCon and BC2 version (/detect if more than one admin tool is running)

!addadmin <playername> (superadmin only)
Adds another player to the list of admins

!shutdown (superadmin only)
Usually works as a restart of the BC2 server, but after a certain number of times (~5) it won't get back up without proper restart at the server provider's control panel, so USE WITH CARE! and never if you don't have access to the control panel...

!!<raw rcon command> (superadmin only)
Sends a raw command to the server, as described in the server protocol.

General administration

Chats the current tool and server settings to all

!rules <ruleset>
Applies predefined common rule sets. Can be esl5v5 esl8v8 cbrush cbsqrush cbcq vipcup ffa.

!mode <game mode>
Sets another game mode (CONQUEST, RUSH, SQRUSH, SQDM) and fills the maplist.

Restarts the current map (incl. normal team swap)

!change <part of mapname>
Changes map to another in the current maplist

!s or !say <text>
Normal chat message

!y or !yell <text>
The big center of screen message

!k or !kick <Playername> (correct name, without tag)
Kicks the player immediatly

!swap <playername>
Switches team for given player after a warning

Switches the entire teams after a warning

Match related

Writes out the EA guids of all players

Writes out the PB guids of all players to all players - short versions ingame and full version in log

tells your own full pb guid ingame

!golive [logname]
Starts a match round - see general info

!quicklive [logname]
Starts a match round without startup procedure - see general info

Cancels a running match round

!tickets [ticketnumber]
Sets the forced number of initial tickets and/or shows the current number. Use 0 as argument to disable forced ticket for pure ticket ratio operation.

!roundtime <seconds>
Sets the time of a match round

Shows either the time spent on map, OR the remaining time if in a match round