WaRCon 1.x - Warserver admin tool for Bad Company 2

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WaRCon for BC2 is no longer being developed, but please report if the online service no longer works after being moved around to make room for the BF3 version


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Version History

1.2.3 (12.4.10)

Support for updated ClanBase rules

1.2.2 (29.12.10)

Support for Vietnam

1.2.0 (04.12.10)

Support for Map Pack 7
Support for spectact weapon restrictions (specact kits can not be detected)
Resets per level settings (set from other tools) at map restarts to ensure correct tickets
More robustness against logging connection timeouts
Internal tracking of kills/deaths is now (unlike ingame) kept if player disconnects during a round.

1.1.0 (08.11.10)

Now tries to continue the match, if connection is lost (and established again within 2 minutes).
Round time is now reported along with the tickets.
Updated rules for the VIP League
Option to not kill players violating the kit restrictions (esl won't allow it, but it's not included in the "esl5v5" rule set).
Option to limit the time message spamming in a time limited match (TimeMessageTime)

1.0.0 (04.10.10)

Revamped settings UI
The new settings (minimap options etc) included in rules presets.
Online service URL system change
Version update check at startup
Clickable links in log/help
Ingame commands from the UI textbox